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Couldn’t be bothered doing anything much today, so I just changed the background-y thing. I’ll get round to sorting out spacings and suchlike soon. Tomorrow is going to be a ROADTRIP with doctor Norm. So no insightful chatter form me. Behave while I’m gone.

Equality rules

Equality rules

It’s hardly original to equate our obsession with being politically correct with Nineteen Eighty-Four Big-Brother-ish IngSoc NewSpeak. But because I’ve recently picked up New Labour’s Operating Manual George Orwell’s “masterpiece of political speculation” and started re-reading it, things are jumping to the front of my conscious again. When Syme says:

“Don’t you see that the whole aim of Newspeak is to …  make thoughtcrime literally impossible, because there will be no words in which to express it”,

what jumped to my mind was this.

The idea that the words “black” or “white” somehow subliminally bring out the racist is us is insulting to anyone who has a spare braincell or two to rub together. When I worked in the Pizza Shop I first came across the “fact” that it wasn’t the done thing to offer black or white tea and coffee. Even then I thought that it was utterly ludicrous. In fact, what seems to be the case is that, whenever another of these self-righteous jackasses clamber above the wall and tell us, in ringing tones, that to say that it was a black day for X when Y happened, when you should be saying that it was a miserable day, brings out a vicious, properly racist streak in many people commenting on the story online – and a grinding of the teeth of normal people.

Possibly even worse is the way that “-man” and “-men” is being replaced with gender-neutral words instead. My line of work is at sea and there is a quiet but insistent movement to have the word seaman replaced with “seafarer” because women work at sea too. Again, from the story linked twice above already, replacing “mastering a subject” with “perfecting a subject” is pointless and plain confusing. If people were actually taught how to read properly and actually understood any of the language they are supposed to be talking, the difference between a Master (as in a man in charge) and mastery of an art should be relatively clear.

Another thing: the word “man” is gender-neutral when used in examples such as seaman and chairman. Our species is Man. A quick jump across to a dictionary comes up with

2. a member of the species Homo Sapiens or all the members of this species collectively, without regard to sex: prehistoric man

3. the human individual as representing the species, without reference to sex; the human race; mankind: man hopes for peace, but prepares for war

4. a human being; person: to give man a chance; when the audience smelled smoke, it was every man for himself

To say anything different is to corrupt our language and make thoughtcriminals out of normal people.

Oh, and don’t get me started on that horrible little ginger sexist witch Harriet Harman, who seems to believe that (to paraphrase Orwell’s (yes, him again) FREEDOM IS SLAVERY) EQUALITY REQUIRES DISCRIMINATION.

2. a member of the species Homo sapiens or all the members of this species collectively, without regard to sex: prehistoric man.
3. the human individual as representing the species, without reference to sex; the human race; humankind: Man hopes for peace, but prepares for war.
4. a human being; person: to give a man a chance; When the audience smelled the smoke, it was every man for himself.

Beer Street and Gin Lane

In view of the fact this blog is new, I hope you can bear with me as I regurgitate news stories that have been boiling my goat over the past few months.

Something that has really annoyed me is the focus on “binge drinking”. I’m not convinced that this is a new phenomenon, or that people have been drinking more and / or more irresponsibly than they ever have in the past (see above!). I don’t disagree that it’s a bit frightening when you have a horde of shouting cretinsh outshide your flat threatening to burn your neighbour’sh flat down (I live in Shcotshtoun).

However blaming strong beers is manifestly ludicrous. I came across BrewDog first when I lived in Edinburgh and I sampled one of their delightful beers, bought from the brilliant Royal Mile Whiskies. I would link that but I realised I don’t get commission. Oh, go on then. Anyway, back to BrewDog, thay recently launched a new product, called Tokyo* (there’s no footnote, that’s the actual name*), with the frankly insane strength of 18.2% ABV. And with the wallet-wilting price tag of a penny under a tenner. (I’m really going to have to wait for my dole money to come through before I can have a taste.) Anyway, the increasingly ridiculous BBC ran the story, quoting some earnest, probably pale and wilty person who claimed

“The notion of binge-drinking is to get drunk quick, so surely this beer will help people on their way?”

Now wait a second.

It was my impression that binge drinking involved getting as plastered as possible in the quickest possible time at the lowest possible cost. So how is a highly priced beer whose flavour will only appeal to the real ale aficionados among us bring about the end of civilisation as we know it? The price tag that matches high-end supermarket wine alone will preclude traditional binge-drinkers** from buying it. Binge-drinking** yoof like sickly sweet Breezers, WKD and gut-rot sweetened two-pound-for-three-litre ciders, all of which seem to be aimed at either twelve-year-olds and / or tramps.

The screams of outrage that greeted the launch of Tokyo* is as stupid as condemning, for example, Ardbeg because of it’s strength (46% ABV on the delightful expression my flatmate got for his birthday). People will drink both for the flavour and the enjoyment rather than to get slaughtered.

Really, really, really, use your common sense – most people have it to a greater or lesser degree.

*No, there really is no footnote.

**Oh, actually there is. I use the phrase “traditional binge-drinkers” and “binge-drinking” with an enormous pinch of salt, although it will clog my arteries.

“Nearly all children nowadays were horrible. What was worse of all was that by means of such organisations as the Spies they were systematically turned into ungovernable little savages, and yet this produced in them no tendency whatever to rebel against the discipline of the Party.”

George Orwell Nineteen Eighty-Four

I was with a standing with young person recently, watching my dad drive up in a large German saloon, and was told by the wee guy beside me, in funeral tones that BMWs were bad for the environment, so therefore my Dad was too. These kids are being brainwashed by the religion of man-made climate change and are being positively encouraged to rebel against the authority of their elders. Nobody has the right to tell kids to

“build your ‘Climate Crime Case File’ and report back to your family to make sure they don’t commit those crimes again (or else)!”

Doing things like turning off unnecessary electrical appliances is a good idea because it saves the bill-payer’s pocket, not because it saves the planet.

And it’s very worrying that kids should be made to think that they can threaten their families with punishment for their “crimes” and leave them with the threat “or else”.

I wish I had children so I could say with authority “stay away from my kids“.

Update: somebody told me that I’d spelled “brainwahing” wrong, so it’s been corrected. Duh.

A Quick Hello

Posted: 28-August-2009 in Life Information


I was going to leave it at that, but a wee note of introduction may serve. This blog will probably serve as a repository of nonsense trawled from the depths of the internet and copied over from the blogroll that will soon be to the right (pun intended).

My posts on this are likely to be on a daily-ish basis  until I get a job, at which point I’ll probably forget all about it.


Or at least pretend to.

In the Second World War, several freedoms were fought for.

Why have they been lost?

Freedom of worship

Freedom of worship

Freedom of Worship (not from religion)

To those interested with this particular freedom, the past twelve years under Labour have been concerning. With instances such as people being questioned by the police regarding religious beliefs (despite not, in fact, mentioning what was questioned about) we have to wonder how far we can go without being arrested for mentioning our beliefs.

Although personally not believing in Christmas (I know it’s August), you cannot go a year without hearing how some pillock in a council or school has tried to ban it.






Freedom of Speech

Freedom of Speech

Freedom of Speech

Oh boy, this one’s big. The points above come into this one, but something that came to my attention yesterday really grated.

The British Humanist Association has started a campaign to have the funding withdrawn for a zoo in Englandshire somewhere because of it’s creationist stance. The numpties there have said:

‘We believe Noah’s Ark Farm Zoo misleads the public by not being open about its creationist agenda’

Now, forgive me for pointing out a case of the sodding obvious, but if an organisation calls itself “The Noah’s Ark Farm Zoo” do you not think, that even with the most limited of intellects, you would be able to perhaps, somehow construe that it had some vague creationist leanings?

In the Underdogs Bite Upwards blog, the author points out that people have their bias.

If people believe in God, a god or gods they should believe in Creation or the slightly bastardised theory of Intelligent Design. If someone is an atheist they should believe in Darwinian Evolution. Now I am not going to go into that particular debate at the moment, not least because I am manifestly unqualified to talk deeply about religion. I should point out however that I am on the side of creationism and of any organisation who is being attacked by hypocritical morons who cannot see that their stated “mission” is paradoxical.

Freedom from Want

Freedom from Want

Freedom from Want

Unemployment figures

I drive, smoke and drink and am therefore paying huge amounts of tax already. When I finally get a job, I will be paying further taxes. Before anybody complains that their taxes are paying for my sedentary lifestyle, have a look at this. The cost of propping up ludicrous red-tape festooned bureaucratic nightmares is titanic. Hand-outs to banks have crippled us.  None of this is new and has been repeated ad nauseum in the press over the past year or so. We also (sometimes) pay TV licenses  to shore up the tottering bulk of the BBC which – I doubt – is much to anyone other than the government’s liking anymore.





Freedom from Fear

Freedom from Fear

Freedom from Fear

Nanny Statism. We are not allowed to do anything anymore. Much of the stuff above is because of Political Correctness – a fear of upsetting people through our thoughts and actions. Actions, to a certain extent is fair enough, but, really, the line has to be drawn somewhere. You can’t smoke, drink more than the government tells you to, buy knives, drive whilst phoning (heh, that’s a good link), take photos, drink from glasses, put in lightbulbs, use iodine, I could go on, but my head hurts. Are we children? Can we not think for ourselves?

It would seem not.