Posted: 29-August-2009 in Rants
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Beer Street and Gin Lane

In view of the fact this blog is new, I hope you can bear with me as I regurgitate news stories that have been boiling my goat over the past few months.

Something that has really annoyed me is the focus on “binge drinking”. I’m not convinced that this is a new phenomenon, or that people have been drinking more and / or more irresponsibly than they ever have in the past (see above!). I don’t disagree that it’s a bit frightening when you have a horde of shouting cretinsh outshide your flat threatening to burn your neighbour’sh flat down (I live in Shcotshtoun).

However blaming strong beers is manifestly ludicrous. I came across BrewDog first when I lived in Edinburgh and I sampled one of their delightful beers, bought from the brilliant Royal Mile Whiskies. I would link that but I realised I don’t get commission. Oh, go on then. Anyway, back to BrewDog, thay recently launched a new product, called Tokyo* (there’s no footnote, that’s the actual name*), with the frankly insane strength of 18.2% ABV. And with the wallet-wilting price tag of a penny under a tenner. (I’m really going to have to wait for my dole money to come through before I can have a taste.) Anyway, the increasingly ridiculous BBC ran the story, quoting some earnest, probably pale and wilty person who claimed

“The notion of binge-drinking is to get drunk quick, so surely this beer will help people on their way?”

Now wait a second.

It was my impression that binge drinking involved getting as plastered as possible in the quickest possible time at the lowest possible cost. So how is a highly priced beer whose flavour will only appeal to the real ale aficionados among us bring about the end of civilisation as we know it? The price tag that matches high-end supermarket wine alone will preclude traditional binge-drinkers** from buying it. Binge-drinking** yoof like sickly sweet Breezers, WKD and gut-rot sweetened two-pound-for-three-litre ciders, all of which seem to be aimed at either twelve-year-olds and / or tramps.

The screams of outrage that greeted the launch of Tokyo* is as stupid as condemning, for example, Ardbeg because of it’s strength (46% ABV on the delightful expression my flatmate got for his birthday). People will drink both for the flavour and the enjoyment rather than to get slaughtered.

Really, really, really, use your common sense – most people have it to a greater or lesser degree.

*No, there really is no footnote.

**Oh, actually there is. I use the phrase “traditional binge-drinkers” and “binge-drinking” with an enormous pinch of salt, although it will clog my arteries.

  1. Jenny McDonald says:

    Your Chatter is almost as inane as that ‘gimpy cripple w***son b*****d thick-as-pig**** ex-flatmate useless t**t-faced s**t-stabbing shirt lifter of a w**k stained abortion advert’… But I’ll keep an eye on it just the same.

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