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Cute and Cuddly

Cute and Cuddly

First off, a list of apologies. I’m writing this on the train so circumstances are conspiring against me. I’ve been up all night, I’m jittery from a cup of sugar with coffee in it and I can’t smoke on a train any more, so I’m irritated and shaky. Another thing, my mobile modem isn’t quite mobile enough, so I have to piece this together with extremely sporadic access to online sources. On the plus side of things, my ticket from Glasgow to Inverness cost a mere eleven quid and there’s a handy power socket by my seat.

Anyway, I’ll soldier on like the trooper I am, and get on with a post that I’ve been promising several people for a week or so now.

It may come as a shock to some people, but hold onto your hats.

Deep breath.

The UK is a theocracy.

A theocracy is by definition:

a form of government in which a god or deity is recognized as the state’s supreme civil ruler.

(It’s incredibly lazy, but I’m linking Wikipedia because I get rare flashes of internet connectivity, so I have to make do with any old tat). Anyway, ploughing ahead with wholesale plagiarism from the afore-linked article,

…denying the gods of the state was a crime.

I am pleased horrified to announce that we have reached that very point. Since I first saw this story, a week ago yesterday, I’ve been itching to get all rage-y and annoyed about it, not least because it highlights yet another blatantly foreseeable misappropriation of rushed and forced-through abortions of legislation that have been a hallmark of NuLabour. According to the Guardian (sorry) article

…under the new law “philosophical belief” is protected by the law alongside religious belief if it passes a legal test requiring it to be cogent, serious and “worthy of respect in a democratic society.

I particularly like that last phrase “worthy of respect in a democratic society”. Worthy of respect? Worthy of respect? Since when has the theory anthropogenic global warming (AGW) been worthy of respect? It is championed by a hypocritical failed American politician, Al Gore. His film was one of the main recent catalysts for the popularity of public self abuse and hair shirt-wearing in the name of saving the planet. However the Oscar winning title has been proven to be riddled with mistakes, misleading inaccuracies and downright lies. The whole AGW brigade are a galloping shower of lying, conniving, lying, unscientific, lying, militant vegan, lying, interfering, lying, authoritarian, lying, meddling, bandwagon-jumping, lying imbeciles.

I suppose what I’ve been trying to say in my sleep deprived state is that, if – as is implied by the article linked – belief in AGW and in the dangers of carbon* can be considered as legally religious in nature, then it becomes clear that the government of this country is run on a religious basis. Everything is linked back to these so-called dangers. Every meddlesome, totalitarian, invasive step towards a police state is justified by shouting: polar bears! sea levels! icecaps! your children’s generation! Doom! Destruction! DEATH!** All this results in  compulsory crap light bulbs, bin Nazis, smoking ban, high fuel prices, etc, etc, etc, etc, ad infinitum.

The most worrying development of the minute/recent couple of days is another misbegotten scheme to (further) penalise evil drivers. Because we are evil, killing those cute polar bears. Those cute, cute polar bears. Those delightful, playful cuddly polar bears***. The cunning plan is to make the more powerful vehicle involved in any accident automatically responsible. To protect cyclists – that law-abiding section of society (of which I am part) known for our general safe, rule-keeping ways. When I’m cycling, I see myself as a pedestrian-motorist cross, as do many other cyclists. I feel I can go through red lights and use the pavement if I want, illegal I know, but I am fully aware that if I get hit doing something wrong, it is my fault. These plans are at an early stage at the moment, but they are so obviously laughably unenforceable, that it’s a certainty that they will become law in short order and go on to clog up courts for the rest of the century.

Imagine the, not unforeseeable, case of a car, a G-Widdle, or whatever its’ name is, hitting a cyclist running a red light. The “car” skids to a halt across the carriageway and the cyclist is turned to strawberry jam paste against the bumper by a lorry coming the opposite direction. To follow the guidelines, the lorry driver would have to take all the blame – he has the most powerful vehicle. But it’s not his fault, it’s the cyclist’s. Therefore weeks in court.

Interestingly, just to bolster my (admittedly rather weak so far) argument about the UK theocracy, here’s a little “proof” for you conspiracy nuts around. Not only is the green movement a religion, but it is evil. According to a major wind turbine group, an average wind turbine produces 1.5 kW. The average coal power station produces 1000 kW. Now a wee bit of simple arithmetic  1000÷1.5 = 666 (ish).Yes that’s right! Not only are wind turbines a dangerous waste of money, it takes the Beast’s Number of them to compete with the opposition.

Well, as I’m sure you are, I am falling asleep, and if I want a kip before getting to Inverness I better try and post this now. It will have to do; I’ll either update it later when I’m not asleep, or alternatively repost it.

Apologies for the rambling nature of this, I’m having brain farts every time we pull into a station, which is pretty regularly, and each time I’m inspired compelled to put down whatever’s in there.

*How many times does it have to be said? Carbon is the fundamental building block of all life. Carbon Dioxide is what makes Irn Bru and cider fizzy and makes plants grow nice and healthy. The two names are not interchangeable. One is an element, the other a compound. It’s as stupid as calling water “Oxygen” (Co2,  H2O).  But then, of course, the government and all its’ quangos (quangoes?) (link is .pdf) and fake charities and pet BBroadCaster has never been comfortable with being rigorously scientific.

**Either the aforementioned mantra, or alternatively BINGE DRINKING! CHILDREN! PAEDOS! TERRORISTS! YOUR OWN SAFETY!

***Those cute polar bears that would like nothing more than to rip your head off and eat your delicious, warm innards. Oh, yes those same cuddly polar bears that are more numerous than ever previously recorded, despite repeated lies to the contrary.


Back to The Grind

Posted: 19-September-2009 in Life Information


Happy Days!

A fine meal.

A fine conversation.

A nice wine.

A decent cigar.

And finished with the ball and chain that was the work I was doing for my dear sister, so now free to get angry and ranty on this nonsense. Oh and try to find a REAL JOB!

Last Chance

Posted: 16-September-2009 in Rants
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Earth, next Tuesday

Earth, next Tuesday

Sorry to anybody following this, but I’ve had stuff to do.

Anyway, according to the BBC headline, it’s our last chance to change or we’re all doomed.

If that really is the case, then maybe they’ll shut up and stop lying to us.

Yeh, good one.