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Posted: 27-October-2009 in Rants
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From over at D/K (because I couldn’t improve* or add anything to it)

Well, President Vaclav Klaus of the Czech Republic continues to hold out on ratifying the Lisbon Treaty, despite all the incentives and threats that are undoubtedly being thrown his way by the EU and other European leaders.

After the craven failure of our own Government to honour their promise of a referendum, President Klaus is the best hope of us ever getting that vote.

The TPA is running an online petition urging him to continue to stand firm on Lisbon until we can have the referendum that we were promised. Please do sign it (here), and send the link on to your friends and family. 


*or come close, without being abominably rude.

Oh, I nearly forgot a picture. Here’s one that made me giggle like a toddler with a silly hat on, and is completely unconnected to what I’ve written.


Stop. Hammertime.


fishcat catfish

During my trawling through the internet, I came across something when on Dick Puddlecote’s blog. It being a while since I said anything, I thought I’d take the easiest target.

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. I think I’ll go with mock.

As part of the bumph, they say:

…if you call fish “sea kittens,” maybe people will be nicer to them.

(Nicer as in, not fishing and eating them). Quite apart from the obvious lentil lunacy of it all, calling something something it’s not is, at best, just silly.

If you call an eco-loons a “land dolphin”, it won’t make us believe they are as smart as one.



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Chain Gang

I have a (shore) job, so posts will be even more sporadic and of even lower quality.

Nazi Union Jack

I’m racking my brains to think of a good reason for the Government and the big parties to be turning into screaming loons at the faintest whiff of debate with the BNP. Why are they so opposed to being on the same platform as them?  Are they really that frightened of their own abilities that they won’t go head to head with any of them? They continually claim that the BNP policies are indefensible and clearly stupid. Why not let the public see the BNP on TV engaging in debate – they won’t have a leg to stand on if your claims are correct. Why has Peter Hain tried to declare their appearance on QT illegal? That move is particularly strange because, if there is a case for banning the BNP from appearing on TV until their currently illegal rules are changed,  then there is most definitely a case for members of all parties to be banned from engaging in any lawmaking, until all amongst their ranks who broke the law, thieved, troughed, had the times of their lives and generally defrauded taxpayers are fired, forced to repay every single last penny, a hefty fine on top and imprisoned. Not only that, QT is hardly the sort of viewing material that the average person watches. It’s the Harriet Harpyman “Punternet” thing all over again. If they had quietly allowed Nick Griffin onto the show and not drawn attention to it, this week’s Question Time wouldn’t be heading for inevitable supernova-esque viewer numbers.

While listening to the teatime news this evening I had what can only be described as a brainwave.

The big parties want the BNP to do well. They want them to gain seats. They want them to have a voice in Parliament. They want them to be seen in the House of Commons, shouting away and making “extreme” statements. Because then every bit of creeping infringement, every interfering proposal, every nasty, ill-thought-out, fascist, authoritarian piece of illiberal legislation thought up by the next Government can be buried in an orchestrated media/twatter scream of “ULTRA RIGHT WING RACIST JACKBOOTED NAZI… HOMOPHOBIC… HITLER… NAZI… RIGHT WING… erm… RACIST… THINK OF THE CHILDREN” the next time the inevitable pillock representing the BNP says anything.

Now I’m off to make me a foil hat.

Not the gas leak from the story, but the pictures cool!

Not the gas leak from the story, but the picture's cool!

Oh noes! “The story climate change “skeptics” hope you won’t read“. Despite me believing that global climate change* is occurring, this must mean me!

…those propagandists who run advertising claiming that carbon dioxide is natural and, therefore, harmless, hope against hope that you don’t know the true history, that you’ve never heard of Cameroon, that you don’t know about volcanic emissions, and that you forgot the story of the killer CO2 cloud of 1986.

For those who don’t know, the story in a nutshell is, that, on the 21st of August, 1986, a bubble of gas, which had accumulated under a lake in Cameroon, belched out at night and engulfed the local area, killing in the region of  1500 to 2000 people.

This gas was The Dreaded Carbon Dioxide©. It appears that an academic American of some description believes that AGW sceptics don’t want people to know that CO2 can kill. This guy may be educated, but it doesn’t stop him from being a moron. CO2 is not “harmless”**. Oxygen is not “harmless”. Bananas are not “harmless”. Water is not “harmless”. Jam is not “harmless”. Running is not “harmless”. Exercising is not “harmless”. You see where I’m going here. CO2 will asphyxiate you in high concentrations, as seems to have happened to the unfortunate residents affected by the Lake Nyos gas leak – although eye-witness reports of vomiting suggests other gasses present too.

Co2 is essential to all life. If we didn’t produce CO2 as a waste gas our brains wouldn’t tell our bodies to exhale and we’d die. If plants didn’t have CO2, photosynthesis wouldn’t occur and they would die. And then we would die – due to starvation and plants not producing oxygen.

I don’t want to get too technical, but here goes:

Water is good. Drowning is bad.

Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is good. Sucking up a volcano is bad.

*Excellent, few people will!

**The climate changes. We – humans – are not and cannot doing this. I resent being called a climate change sceptic, it is a twisting of the truth. I am an Anthropogenic Global Warming/Cooling/Climate Change sceptic.

UPDATE: an automatically generated link at the bottom forwarded me onto this. I’m so confused.

Not a real post at all.

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Not only that, but I can’t be bothered finding any barely-relevant picture to put here either!

Reasons for not posting a “real” post:

  • Far too lazy to write anything
  • Everything I could write has been done before – a lot better – by somebody else
  • I’ve got to go and wash the garage door.

So instead of a real post I’ve:

  • Made up an email address for you to contact me at
  • Got together a list of blogs to add to the blogroll to the right
  • Linked to a pile of posts that I found particularly illuminating, or found myself laughing at or nodding to, recently.

This, this and this from Underdogs bite Upwards. Or is it called Leg Iron? I don’t understand. Never mind.

Tesco and the Gov’t. Who do you dislike more?

A new one on my blogroll, what an honour!

Taking the “angry young man” thing and making it his own.

A girl? A girl doing politics? Next you’ll be telling me they can vote. Gosh. In the interests of equality, going up on the right-hand side

A post that sums up a lot of what I think these days, from a site that is well written and thought out.

I’m only in this for the  money. HAH!

The Smoking Ban. All about health? Or is it control and manipulation of the population?

Something funny to calm me down a touch!

Something to make me all angry again.

There you go. I even added some colours. Off to do that garage now.

John, you spoil us with your third post today!

John, you spoil us with your third post today!

Originally – in my head at least – the last post was going to be about the BBC. I spent a while looking through stuff to find a certain post that I was sure I had either seen or read about recently. But I couldn’t find it so I changed the subject to DEFRA’s rubbish about CFT bulbs. Imagine my surprise when I went to look through the blogs I follow to find this post from Mr. Eugenides, quoting this article on the BBC website. It wasn’t the article I was looking for, but it says exactly the same thing.

Anyone who monitors BBC coverage regularly will see, first of all, that we do not have and have never had a line on the issue


Here’s a list of the thirteen most recent BBC environment stories from their RSS feed. I’ll colour the bullet points for the links RED *if they are pro-AGW; and BLUE if they are neutral, don’t shoe-horn in an unnecessary reference to CO2 or, indeed acknowledge that there may be any sort of legitimate AGW-sceptic view on the matter at all.  

G8 aims to halve greenhouse gases

Mayor quashes £25 C-charge hike – you have to go to the end of the article, but the inevitable indefensible quote from unwashed tree-hugging vegan comes along.

UK to slow expansion of biofuels

Australia ‘needs carbon trading’

Aviation impacts ‘hotly disputed’

US city to charge polluting firms – also reinforces the spurious link of pollution and CO2 emissions – legitimate pollutants should be condemned, as they pollute, but CO2 is harmless

Next decade ‘may see no warming’

Slowing the biofuel bonanza

Japan waits on US for CO2 targets

Time to leave the comfort zone

Church to step up climate fight – wonderful, manages to come very close to equating AGW-scepticism with the crazy Southern American churches, well done!

Now, I know it may well come as a shock to many of you, but it turns out that Richard Black, BBC environment correspondent is either a liar, has amnesia or has never read any of the BBC’s output or even his own blog, or ever spent a minute on the most basic of research. Chump.

*Just in case you don’t know what red looks like.