Lies, Damned Lies and Environmentalists

Posted: 14-October-2009 in Life Information
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John, you spoil us with your third post today!

John, you spoil us with your third post today!

Originally – in my head at least – the last post was going to be about the BBC. I spent a while looking through stuff to find a certain post that I was sure I had either seen or read about recently. But I couldn’t find it so I changed the subject to DEFRA’s rubbish about CFT bulbs. Imagine my surprise when I went to look through the blogs I follow to find this post from Mr. Eugenides, quoting this article on the BBC website. It wasn’t the article I was looking for, but it says exactly the same thing.

Anyone who monitors BBC coverage regularly will see, first of all, that we do not have and have never had a line on the issue


Here’s a list of the thirteen most recent BBC environment stories from their RSS feed. I’ll colour the bullet points for the links RED *if they are pro-AGW; and BLUE if they are neutral, don’t shoe-horn in an unnecessary reference to CO2 or, indeed acknowledge that there may be any sort of legitimate AGW-sceptic view on the matter at all.  

G8 aims to halve greenhouse gases

Mayor quashes £25 C-charge hike – you have to go to the end of the article, but the inevitable indefensible quote from unwashed tree-hugging vegan comes along.

UK to slow expansion of biofuels

Australia ‘needs carbon trading’

Aviation impacts ‘hotly disputed’

US city to charge polluting firms – also reinforces the spurious link of pollution and CO2 emissions – legitimate pollutants should be condemned, as they pollute, but CO2 is harmless

Next decade ‘may see no warming’

Slowing the biofuel bonanza

Japan waits on US for CO2 targets

Time to leave the comfort zone

Church to step up climate fight – wonderful, manages to come very close to equating AGW-scepticism with the crazy Southern American churches, well done!

Now, I know it may well come as a shock to many of you, but it turns out that Richard Black, BBC environment correspondent is either a liar, has amnesia or has never read any of the BBC’s output or even his own blog, or ever spent a minute on the most basic of research. Chump.

*Just in case you don’t know what red looks like.

  1. Jenny McDonald says:

    Why open an entry with a lovely big picture of sweet chocolatey-ness when there’s not actually any mention of the good stuff in your post? Why, Dickie? Why? I swear for an instant I was almost interested…

  2. theredeemingdefect says:

    Aha, my underhand plot to lure unsuspecting wimmin in to artificially inflate my stats, just to massage my ego, has worked!


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