SHOCK! “Angry Young Man” Blogger Uses Orwell Metaphor!

Posted: 14-October-2009 in Rants
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No Complaining, Now.

No Complaining, Now.

In the end the Party would announce that two and two made five, and you would have to believe it.

George Orwell, Nineteen Eighty-Four (downloadable .pdf copy of the book)

From DEFRA FAQ  about CFT (energy efficient) “light”bulbs:

Don’t efficient bulbs take a while to warm up?

Modern, good quality, efficient bulbs should take little more than a couple seconds to warm up to full brightness, the short delay is due to the way they work.

The brand-new CFT light bulb in my bedroom, and also the one in my hallway take between 3 and 10 minutes to warm up to full (gloomy) glow.

…don’t they give off  ‘gloomy’ light?

The technology of energy efficient light bulbs has improved massively in recent years. Manufacturers have now developed “look-alike” bulbs for the majority of light fittings and they give the same standard and quality of light as existing bulbs and in the same shapes … these emit the same warm light level as old fashioned bulbs.

The Telegraph showed that CFT bulbs makers exaggerated lied about the output of their bulbs. (My emphasis below)

We found that under normal household conditions, using a single lamp to light a room, an 11W low-energy CFL produced only 58 per cent of the illumination of an “equivalent” 60W bulb – even after a 10-minute “warm-up”.

Oh, and one more thing,

Aren’t these bulbs more expensive?

Retailers are now selling efficient light bulbs at prices well under £1, and in some cases prices are not much more than traditional bulbs.

A quick google search for buying energy-efficient bulbs,  and, lo and behold, the cheapest costs £2.82.

Looking at the description of the cheapest bulb, it happily proclaims that they

…give out significantly reduced heat…

One of the many benefits of real bulbs was that, in some circumstances, heat as a by-product was a good thing – a small room with no other heating source could be adequately heated by a basic bulb. It feels like going on an Arctic expedition visiting the loo in my house now.

I’ll leave you with that thought.

  1. cath says:

    Allow me to gladden your heart by leaving a comment. What a dazzling post! Sadly the news of the demise of the 100W bulb was so quiet that by the time it reached me there was no time left to stockpile the evil, bright, warmth-emitting luxuries. Instead I rejoice in the cheaper (over time) and undeniably duller alternatives, secure in the knowledge that although it’s that bit harder to see across the other side of the room at night time, I’m definitely doing my bit for the carbon footprint. Or against it. Meanwhile, don’t you have anything to say about the 1688 Bill of Rights and the extent to which it remains sacrosanct in today’s world?

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