Not a real post at all.

Posted: 16-October-2009 in Uncategorized

Not only that, but I can’t be bothered finding any barely-relevant picture to put here either!

Reasons for not posting a “real” post:

  • Far too lazy to write anything
  • Everything I could write has been done before – a lot better – by somebody else
  • I’ve got to go and wash the garage door.

So instead of a real post I’ve:

  • Made up an email address for you to contact me at
  • Got together a list of blogs to add to the blogroll to the right
  • Linked to a pile of posts that I found particularly illuminating, or found myself laughing at or nodding to, recently.

This, this and this from Underdogs bite Upwards. Or is it called Leg Iron? I don’t understand. Never mind.

Tesco and the Gov’t. Who do you dislike more?

A new one on my blogroll, what an honour!

Taking the “angry young man” thing and making it his own.

A girl? A girl doing politics? Next you’ll be telling me they can vote. Gosh. In the interests of equality, going up on the right-hand side

A post that sums up a lot of what I think these days, from a site that is well written and thought out.

I’m only in this for the  money. HAH!

The Smoking Ban. All about health? Or is it control and manipulation of the population?

Something funny to calm me down a touch!

Something to make me all angry again.

There you go. I even added some colours. Off to do that garage now.


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