Nazi Union Jack

I’m racking my brains to think of a good reason for the Government and the big parties to be turning into screaming loons at the faintest whiff of debate with the BNP. Why are they so opposed to being on the same platform as them?  Are they really that frightened of their own abilities that they won’t go head to head with any of them? They continually claim that the BNP policies are indefensible and clearly stupid. Why not let the public see the BNP on TV engaging in debate – they won’t have a leg to stand on if your claims are correct. Why has Peter Hain tried to declare their appearance on QT illegal? That move is particularly strange because, if there is a case for banning the BNP from appearing on TV until their currently illegal rules are changed,  then there is most definitely a case for members of all parties to be banned from engaging in any lawmaking, until all amongst their ranks who broke the law, thieved, troughed, had the times of their lives and generally defrauded taxpayers are fired, forced to repay every single last penny, a hefty fine on top and imprisoned. Not only that, QT is hardly the sort of viewing material that the average person watches. It’s the Harriet Harpyman “Punternet” thing all over again. If they had quietly allowed Nick Griffin onto the show and not drawn attention to it, this week’s Question Time wouldn’t be heading for inevitable supernova-esque viewer numbers.

While listening to the teatime news this evening I had what can only be described as a brainwave.

The big parties want the BNP to do well. They want them to gain seats. They want them to have a voice in Parliament. They want them to be seen in the House of Commons, shouting away and making “extreme” statements. Because then every bit of creeping infringement, every interfering proposal, every nasty, ill-thought-out, fascist, authoritarian piece of illiberal legislation thought up by the next Government can be buried in an orchestrated media/twatter scream of “ULTRA RIGHT WING RACIST JACKBOOTED NAZI… HOMOPHOBIC… HITLER… NAZI… RIGHT WING… erm… RACIST… THINK OF THE CHILDREN” the next time the inevitable pillock representing the BNP says anything.

Now I’m off to make me a foil hat.


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