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Posted: 27-October-2009 in Rants
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From over at D/K (because I couldn’t improve* or add anything to it)

Well, President Vaclav Klaus of the Czech Republic continues to hold out on ratifying the Lisbon Treaty, despite all the incentives and threats that are undoubtedly being thrown his way by the EU and other European leaders.

After the craven failure of our own Government to honour their promise of a referendum, President Klaus is the best hope of us ever getting that vote.

The TPA is running an online petition urging him to continue to stand firm on Lisbon until we can have the referendum that we were promised. Please do sign it (here), and send the link on to your friends and family. 


*or come close, without being abominably rude.

Oh, I nearly forgot a picture. Here’s one that made me giggle like a toddler with a silly hat on, and is completely unconnected to what I’ve written.


Stop. Hammertime.

  1. Jenny McDonald says:

    Once again, you draw me in with pictures and promises and silliness then you numb my brain with your drivel.

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