As a society we really need to crack down on misbehaviour and wrongdoing. Today I heard that some parents are lying and cheating to get their children into decent local schools. Ed “Worst Surname For A Children’s Secretary Ever” Balls’ department is going to come up with some suitably nasty punishments for those horrid people who want a usable education for their offspring. Imagine believing that there are some schools that are no good in our Labour-run Utopia.

Because everything needs to be tightened up.

It doesn’t matter about real criminals getting off with little more than a nasty look, we need tougher penalties for downloaders, tougher penalties for (private individuals) passing around private data, tougher penalties for people driving without seatbelts, tougher penalties (including losing their livelihood) for fishermen trying to make a living despite EU regs, tougher penalties for driving fast, tougher penalties for those terrifying stoners (such a notoriously violent and antisocial section of the public), tougher penalties for breaching elfin safety, tougher penalties for mistreating animals, tougher penalties for talking while driving, and of course, tougher penalties for companies breaching environ-mental rules.

Most importantly, why do all these rules need to apply to us?

Our thieving, slippery, mendacious representatives don’t want to allow such regulation tightening when it’s their our pockets being targeted. Why should they have to pay for cleaners, gardeners, mortgages, non-family members to work, travel, home improvement, decorations, furniture, (…continues ad infintium and ad nauseum)? I mean really, who do we taxpaying slobs think we are, expecting our money to be spent decently? There’s biblical quotation that seems to sum it up quite nicely: “… why beholdest  thou the mote that is in thy brother’s eye but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?”

Clear out your own Augean stables (preferably with fire*) before starting on us.

Since it’s that time of year, here’s a cute wee picture to end with too.

Harriet Harpyperson

Harriet Harpyperson

*Horribly mixed metaphor alert.

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