Joined-up justice

Posted: 13-November-2009 in Rants
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muzzle flash

A friend’s link on facebook brought me to this story earlier today. An ex-soldier is facing prison for five years for being a good, upstanding member of the community. The story, for those who can’t be bothered following the link is that some guy found a sawn-off shotgun, with ammo, in his garden, phoned the police and handed it in. Where he was arrested for having an gun. And taken to court. And found guilty. And now faces five years for possession. Did I mention the minimum sentence? Five years. That is FIVE YEARS. That’s two years more than you get for raping a toddler. That’s four and a half years more than you get for dumping a body and leaving a guy for dead.

Following the discussion thread on OH’s blog on the topic I came across this gem, where almost the exact opposite happened, 15 miles away in South London. Again, the story is mind-bogglingly stupid – another guy finds a loaded revolver and cash in a bag, phones the police and is told to carry it two miles to the station. I’m really surprised Mr. Leary wasn’t arrested when he took the gun to the police.

I was going to insert a rant here about how stupid it is not to have legal guns in society, but it all just seems like an exercise in banging my head against a brick wall.

  1. Costello says:

    “it all just seems like an exercise in banging my head against a brick wall.”

    Yes indeed. I gave up on this country years ago and will be emigrating as soon as i have the slightest hope of qualifying for a US Green Card.

  2. The Redeeming Defect says:

    Yup. If I was slightly less of a waster and got myself a proper job, I’d be off to Canada myself. The UK is not fit for purpose.

  3. Costello says:

    50 years or so ago i’d probably have already made my way to Canada. Nowadays, however, Canada is scarecely any better than the UK. Maybe i’m just taking Mark Steyn’s war of attrition with the various Canadian ‘Human Rights Tribunals’ too seriously.

  4. The Redeeming Defect says:

    You have a point – did you see that story going around a week ago about Jeremy Clarkson being “gagged“? He basically said that the rest of the world is crap and we’ve got it as good as it gets any more here. The guy’s a twat, but he makes a decent point.

    The US has a lot of good points – as far as I’m aware they’re not trying to get into your house to check you’ve rounded off the worktop in case next-door’s cousin’s child comes to visit, and if they do, you can shoot them. But it is filled with the same interfering tossers as this country is, but there they’re at the cutting edge of bannery.

    Oh and I like Canadians better, generally speaking.

  5. The Redeeming Defect says:

    That “gagged” is a link, but isn’t showing up as one.

  6. Cath says:

    Oh good, your links are invisible in your comments just like mine.

    Was also going to mention the Canadian Human Rights Commission. The dear, if rampantly Catholic, Seraphic is my only source of knowledge here, & she takes a refreshingly not-an-Angry-Young-Man approach. See here, or basically any of her posts tagged free speech, link here for my convenience and your entertainment –

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