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Calling A Cab

Posted: 22-March-2010 in Speculation
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Byers is obviously a numptie, but so far, I haven’t seen anyone else make the connection: Hoon and Hewitt cack-handedly attempted a coup a couple of months ago. Now they’ve both been suspended (along with afore-mentioned numptie).

Far be it from me to jump to any cynical conclusions…


There have been a couple of questions asking why I haven’t posted a blog since mid-November.

Here are the reasons:

  1. Work takes up so much time.
  2. There has been too much to write  about.
  3. What has been going on, has been covered in a much more enlightening way by others than I ever could.
  4. Kittens. I have five kittens. They rock the casbah. Apart from their current gi problems.

I will endevour to add some kitten photos ASAP.

Picture unrelated. It was going to be Ed "what an unutterably vile turdburglar" Balls, but I couldn't bring myself to link to him.

I am but a humble semi-internet-illiterate moron, so I don’t know who 38degrees are as an organisation. However, I see from one of the myriad of blogs that I follow, that they support the BBC channels being threatened with cuts.

I hope that I am preaching to the converted when I say that the BBC are a bunch of  horribly biased, vilely-left-leaning bunch of anti-scientific, socialist, spongers.

I implore everyone who looks at this blog (few and far between – and probably well known to me – that you are**) to do something similar to what I have*** with the provided editable email thing:


**on the off-chance that you don’t know who I am, I’ve censored my name and email address.

***hopefully this pic will work as a hyperlink to the page.