Well hello! It’s been a while.

Posted: 24-November-2010 in Rants

I had a customer in my cab yesterday. It was one of the regulars, and as usual he was a touch… merry. 9 out of 10 of the folk I pick up are. Anyway as I was driving this guy home he opened a bottle of whisky and took a couple of pulls at it, and spilled a dram down the door. This guy is usually pretty decent, so I asked him to put the bottle away. He then said something I haven’t heard since Primary school: “naw, it’s a free country”.

What a quaint and inaccurate statement.

What is free about or in this country? Several months have passed since our new glorious “Tory” government swept to power, borne aloft on a wave of unbridled joy apathy, promising to sweep away the decade and a half of Socialist Fascism.

And what has been achieved in this time?

The coalition of losers who are our new overlords have continued Labour’s policies of erosion of civil liberties unabated.

If only the economic policies of the tory right had been married with the libertarianism that the Lib Dems (should) offer. However, both parties’ policies have mixed to give the Social Democrat’s abortion of economics and the authoritarian wing of the Tories, to give a revoltingly illiberal concoction.

It also hit me that I almost never hear anyone say this anymore, it has been replaced with “my rights”, a not so quaint and equally inaccurate statement.

As for things being your rights, innit, until you show some responsibility, no they’re emphatically not.

Those militant lefty student scum rioting all over the country do not have the right to my money.

Fat single baby-spouting dolescum housebound slags have no right to my money.
Bearded lunatics have no right to demand backward, evil Sharia law in my country.

Bully quangos and fake charity right-on rent-seekers have no right to tell me what to do/ think/ say.

It is not your right to square up to me for asking for my fare or vomit in my car when you’re pissed and can’t handle your drink.

It’s not your right to sue your local council when you’re too stupid to take responsibility for yourself.

And it most certainly is not your right to take legal action for being offended. You have no ‘human right’ not to be offended.

What’s my recourse for being offended by that concept?


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