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I am really and truly sick of election coverage. Every time I turn on the radio, or open my feed panel in firefox, I’m bombarded with will he/won’t he nonsense, uselessly repetitive analysis and varyingly degrees of swearyness in blog entries.

I really don’t post as much as I should/would like to on this blog. I seem to only post excuses for not posting. Anyway, one of the reasons is that everything that catches my attention is posted to my facebook page.

Earlier today I was linking to this fabulous image:

and I was impressed to see that the anti-spam word-verification thingumyjig had worked out exactly why we are all sick of Nick Clegg:

I'm not only sick of wangling, I'm sick that the little turd who's  given a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to have a say in politics is  apparently holding out for more. You are a nonentity.


I put this on facebook a while ago, so to most, if not all, of you this picture is nothing new.

I took it at the beginning of the electoral campaign, and it spoke to me of one the most fundamental choices we have to make at this election.

Do we want more surveillance? if yes, vote Labour.

Labour surveillance... Are they watching the boothes? Tin-foil hat firmly attached to the ol' noggin.

quick and dirty edit.

Well now,  our Dear Leader made a bit of a mistake yesterday in the affair now (inevitably) known as “Bigotgate”.  When I say mistake, he inserted his foot a considerable way down his oesophagus. Obviously, this subject is a goldmine and has been comprehensively covered by better and more prolific bloggers than myself.

One aspect of the story struck me today as I was on my last delivery of the day. I was listening to Jeremy Vine’s show, and before turning off in disgust I heard a caller, in support of the Unelected one, say that it was a private conversation, and it was therefore unethical of Sky to broadcast it. I’ve noticed John Prescott and the Dark Lord Mandelson have jumped on the same meme and are sticking by it.

Now, the person they are defending here is the leader of the party who have plans to record every phone call, every email, every text and monitor everyone’s internet usage.

They have cameras that track your car’s movement, cameras to record your every movement, military-grade spy planes checking you don’t give your child salt, they want to follow cars from satellites, they want to put microchips in your bin to ensure a baked bean doesn’t get in with the metal recycling, they want to stop us from having any contact with kids, they want to force us to invest in spurious “green” technologies, they want us to uncomplainingly fork out our hard-earned cash to fund them and their cronies in the Unions, they want to spend OUR money like it was going out of fashion.

And they claim that it is unfair to report the “sinner’s” words.

Well, I’ve discovered WordPress for my (new) BB*, so I suppose I better post something.

Quickly, I’ve got a couple of teething problems, first off, being the qwerty keyboard – I keep typing three “c”s or three “r”s (r is the 3 key), or similar. The optical trackpad (or whatever it’s called) annoys me occasionally, and what I already mentioned*.

Anyway, what I’m mainly writing about is the big political news of the week, and my tuppence-worth on the whole thing.

Yes! In this wonderful democracy of ours, we get out half-decade’s-worth sop to the idea that we have any say in what’s going on! It’s the General Election in a month! Yay!

When I was in my last year of secondary, my Modern Studies teacher got me interested in politics, and I’ve voted in each possible election since – including a postal vote in (I think) the European elections while I was at sea. I’ve voted in four different constituencies – Eilean Siar, Edinburgh and two in Glasgow – in a dozen (or so) local, Scottish, National and EUSSR elections.

Anyway, elections coming up. And for the first time in my voting life, I’m stumped. I don’t want to harp on about living in the back of beyond – it is my choice after all – but there’s so little point in voting here. For the past century or so** this constituency has swung between Labour and the SNP. It’s rather depressing really.

My reasons for not voting Labour should be abundantly clear.

The SNP have, in their Holyrood tenure, been only slightly less authoritarian than Labour in Westminster, and jump on any passing “BAN IT!!!!” bandwagon going past. Nae chance, pal.

If the Liberal Democrats could find it in their parliamentary party to be at all libertarian or even democratic, they would be a possibility, but they can’t, so they’re not, so it’s a pass on them too.

The Tories. Well, they’re not Tories any more, are they? Under the helmsmanship of the vapid Blair-alike Cameron they have entered a “who’s more Socialist” pissing contest with Labour.  They never even had an outside chance of representing Lewis, even before their candidate joined a spoof Facebook group calling for a new harbour for Achmore. A hamlet whose only claim to fame is that it’s the only village with no sea access on the whole Island. Foot out of your mouth now darling, and jog on, Blue Labour.

I am reserving judgement on the new Christian Independent candidate. I’ll make up my mind when he publicises his economic, social and environmental policies. I want to hope that he will be more to my taste than any of the others, but he previously stood for the Christian Party, and I’m not their biggest fan. I need to do more digging I feel.

So, I’m a true floating voter***. I’m in a position now that I will vote for the first independent candidate that can offer to fight for at least most of my requirements****.

A month of tedium to go, then.

*That’s BlackBerry for the uninitiated among you. Two big annoyances: StupidCapitalisation and no Flash compatibility. There’s bound to be more, but I’ve only had the thing for a week or so.
**Will update that when I get out of bed later today, and can bother looking it up.
***Not literally, unfortunately. I’m still looking for a job afloat.
****More on these soon.