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Stolen from here

Ah yes it’s National Double or Quits Day today, and in a move designed to show that the Tories are even more reprehensible than Labour*, Andrew Landsley today confirms that further regressive, bullying, Soviet policies of Labour are being implemented. It will soon – within 5 years – be illegal to display tobacco products. Additionally “consultations” will be held about plain packaging.

In the introduction to the press release, there is the following gem:

The plan confirms action to end eye catching tobacco displays in shops which encourage young people to start smoking.

Have the collective ‘minds’ who drafted this turned to mush? They seriously think kids go “ooh, look, shiny stuff, I better start smoking” and die. It is indisputable that the more something is restricted, the more using it becomes an act of rebellion, and therefore the more likely it is to used as a part of youth rebellion. I would almost think that it was a brilliant double-bluff** to stimulate the market, but I find the thought of Labour dreaming up something that would make money as mind-boggling as Quantum Mechanics.

Anyway this set of targets came out in the DOH release:

  • stopping the promotion of tobacco;
  • making tobacco less affordable;
  • effective regulation of tobacco products;
  • helping tobacco users to quit;
  • reducing exposure to secondhand smoke; and
  • effective communications for tobacco control.


  • stopping the promotion of tobacco;

Advertising tobacco and tobacco products is illegal. Use of tobacco products on TV are increasingly restricted. Tobacco is (for now, at least) legal, so either ban it entirely and face the consequences, or stop interfering in a lawful commodity.

  • making tobacco less affordable;

Putting the duty on tobacco up is self-defeating. Already I know very few people that buy full-price fags or baccy. Especially up in Lewis, there is vast amounts of tobacco (legally purchased and illegally sold on) washing around the place from folk who work at sea. People are buying this and most importantly not paying tax on it. The more expensive it is the more likely we are to buy it from someone down the road, rather than from the shops.

  • effective regulation of tobacco products;

I have noticed that an ever-larger proportion of the stuff around these days is counterfeit, rather than just from abroad. Shops are aware that they are watched constantly by trading standards and associated prod-noses, and are too good at asking for ID when buying fags. I still occasionally get asked to prove my age. Me. I’m a fat, greying, bearded 25 year old, with the looks of a 35 year old. The guys selling baccy out of their car boots don’t worry about the provenance or the quality of their products, and don’t worry about the age their customers are. Increasing regulation will increase illicit trading, which again, will defeat the purpose of the regulation. Yet again.

  • helping tobacco users to quit;

Eh? Why they believe this is a legitimate area for Central Government, I’m not entirely sure. Anyway, it is up to individuals to stop, as and when they want. Nobody forced to stop ever really does. Patches and gum don’t work. Again, when bullied and harassed, hectored and vilified, the correct course of action is to dig one’s heels in and stick either one or two fingers up.

  • reducing exposure to secondhand smoke; and

SHS is a myth.

  • effective communications for tobacco control.

All the fake charities, prohibitionists and rent-seekers in tobacco control already have extremely effective lines of communications. Whichever half-baked, spurious and ludicrous claim is made on any particular day, is sent out as a press release, and is immediately reproduced verbatim by an ever-credulous BBC, Daily Mail, Guardian, etc, with absolutely no critical view on it.

Anyway, that’s my thoughts on this important day, when I will go out and try to persuade all ex-smoking acquaintances to restart their habit, and tell anyone who will listen that all the coolest people smoke.

*The Tories should be the party of individuals; the party of enterprise, free markets and laissez-faire. The party that removes petty bureaucracy; nanny and bully statism; and stands up for enterprise and civil liberties. The fact the Labour hate the individual, and especially success by any individuals should be well known to everybody. The Tories have fallen so far from their ideal, that that they are not the same party.

**I once considered that He With The Massive Forehead, might be doing something similar, and trying to bring around the downfall of the EU by pushing for Turkey’s membership. However, it just became apparent that our PM is a massive tool, as well as a traitor. Ah, well.


Nazi Union Jack

I’m racking my brains to think of a good reason for the Government and the big parties to be turning into screaming loons at the faintest whiff of debate with the BNP. Why are they so opposed to being on the same platform as them?  Are they really that frightened of their own abilities that they won’t go head to head with any of them? They continually claim that the BNP policies are indefensible and clearly stupid. Why not let the public see the BNP on TV engaging in debate – they won’t have a leg to stand on if your claims are correct. Why has Peter Hain tried to declare their appearance on QT illegal? That move is particularly strange because, if there is a case for banning the BNP from appearing on TV until their currently illegal rules are changed,  then there is most definitely a case for members of all parties to be banned from engaging in any lawmaking, until all amongst their ranks who broke the law, thieved, troughed, had the times of their lives and generally defrauded taxpayers are fired, forced to repay every single last penny, a hefty fine on top and imprisoned. Not only that, QT is hardly the sort of viewing material that the average person watches. It’s the Harriet Harpyman “Punternet” thing all over again. If they had quietly allowed Nick Griffin onto the show and not drawn attention to it, this week’s Question Time wouldn’t be heading for inevitable supernova-esque viewer numbers.

While listening to the teatime news this evening I had what can only be described as a brainwave.

The big parties want the BNP to do well. They want them to gain seats. They want them to have a voice in Parliament. They want them to be seen in the House of Commons, shouting away and making “extreme” statements. Because then every bit of creeping infringement, every interfering proposal, every nasty, ill-thought-out, fascist, authoritarian piece of illiberal legislation thought up by the next Government can be buried in an orchestrated media/twatter scream of “ULTRA RIGHT WING RACIST JACKBOOTED NAZI… HOMOPHOBIC… HITLER… NAZI… RIGHT WING… erm… RACIST… THINK OF THE CHILDREN” the next time the inevitable pillock representing the BNP says anything.

Now I’m off to make me a foil hat.

Not the gas leak from the story, but the pictures cool!

Not the gas leak from the story, but the picture's cool!

Oh noes! “The story climate change “skeptics” hope you won’t read“. Despite me believing that global climate change* is occurring, this must mean me!

…those propagandists who run advertising claiming that carbon dioxide is natural and, therefore, harmless, hope against hope that you don’t know the true history, that you’ve never heard of Cameroon, that you don’t know about volcanic emissions, and that you forgot the story of the killer CO2 cloud of 1986.

For those who don’t know, the story in a nutshell is, that, on the 21st of August, 1986, a bubble of gas, which had accumulated under a lake in Cameroon, belched out at night and engulfed the local area, killing in the region of  1500 to 2000 people.

This gas was The Dreaded Carbon Dioxide©. It appears that an academic American of some description believes that AGW sceptics don’t want people to know that CO2 can kill. This guy may be educated, but it doesn’t stop him from being a moron. CO2 is not “harmless”**. Oxygen is not “harmless”. Bananas are not “harmless”. Water is not “harmless”. Jam is not “harmless”. Running is not “harmless”. Exercising is not “harmless”. You see where I’m going here. CO2 will asphyxiate you in high concentrations, as seems to have happened to the unfortunate residents affected by the Lake Nyos gas leak – although eye-witness reports of vomiting suggests other gasses present too.

Co2 is essential to all life. If we didn’t produce CO2 as a waste gas our brains wouldn’t tell our bodies to exhale and we’d die. If plants didn’t have CO2, photosynthesis wouldn’t occur and they would die. And then we would die – due to starvation and plants not producing oxygen.

I don’t want to get too technical, but here goes:

Water is good. Drowning is bad.

Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is good. Sucking up a volcano is bad.

*Excellent, few people will!

**The climate changes. We – humans – are not and cannot doing this. I resent being called a climate change sceptic, it is a twisting of the truth. I am an Anthropogenic Global Warming/Cooling/Climate Change sceptic.

UPDATE: an automatically generated link at the bottom forwarded me onto this. I’m so confused.