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Well, this will be quick. It’s past midnight and I have to catch a ferry in the morning. This will tie up a few loose ends I’ve been meaning to say something about in the past couple of weeks.

First, the election.

I’ve been bombarded with campaign literature for the last couple of weeks. All for some bizarre reason, from the Scottish Labour party. Included was a personal missive from the indefinably-odd looking Iain Gray urging me to help keep the eeeeeevil Tories at bay (if I read it correctly). Oh and stop the Nats from doing something they’ve quietly dropped.

Anyway, the whole election thing is incredibly tedious – despite the efforts of two Facebook friends, one on either side of the SNP/Labour divide, to breathlessly tell us all how incredibly exciting it all is. I have been very interested in politics since I was sixteen, when I was some sort of ill-informed Marxist type, to where I am now, a free-market minarchist (still pretty ill-informed), but the whole Scottish thing really does fill me with a deep melancholy and boredom. Mainly I think it stems from a belief that, until we are not ruled from Brussels, our petty national politics are an irrelevance, and none of the four candidates up here will lift a finger to campaign for us to get out of the EU.

The regional list thing  seems to be a touch pointless too, a strange way for nobodies and losers to get a seat and make a noise in Holyrood. Losers here meaning both not-winners and sad political beings with no future or past. And a token Tory

Lastly we will be given a chance to vote on a brand spanking new shiny system of vote-counting. A choice between FPTP and AV. Hmmm. To paraphrase, “the most exciting chance to change our system of democracy and to re-connect with the voters”. Allegedly. I cannot really be bothered to go into my reasons for wanting to stick with FPTP, other than to say that I think it is the least bad system.

I’m just waiting for the resurrection of old excuses when the inevitable “No” is returned. Top of the list, I suspect, will be that it was too confusing for the electorate to have the vote the same day as the Scottish Parliamentary elections and English council votes. I’m not sure what advantage was gained by the campaign teams making this argument to begin with. Calling the electorate morons never seemed too smart to me. But what do I know.

To cap the whole sorry saga which – rather pathetically – has taken up a large part of my (obviously extremely valuable) thinking time in the last couple of months I will be away on the 5th anyway. When I discovered that I would be back at sea on the date, the postal vote deadline had passed. A family member asked if I wanted to vote by proxy, but the problem I had with this was that the only person I could trust to be my proxy and not to vote for someone I didn’t want, refused to draw big comedy willies all over the ballots. Because yes, dear reader*, I had come to the conclusion that I was going to spoil at least two, if not all three ballots this time.

Mean new colour scheme

The office

Secondly, work. I’m still running a wee taxi company up in Stornoway, which provides a handy excuse for someone who keeps asking me why I don’t write more (hello again, reader). It keeps me incredibly busy but I still want to get back to sea as much as possible. Back at the end of March I was contacted by the company I worked for at the end of last summer for a while saying that there might be a position open this summer, and would I like it if there was a place. Yes. Yes, I would. So I have to join a Coastguard tug in Ullapool on Wednesday morning. As it’s now 1.30 on Wednesday morning, I feel that I will be rather sleepy when I join after an early morning ferry trip. Unfortunately, I’ll only be on board for a month, but I enjoyed the trip I did last year, so I’m looking forward to it.

There’s tons of stuff I’ve been wanting to talk about recently. From the Royal Wedding and how one can support the monarchy and simultaneously be bored half to death by wedding build-up coverage; Obama feeding the trolls and releasing his birth certificate and breeding a new species of swivel-eyed conspiraloon; the rather odd circumstances surrounding the murder of OBL, and the FB  friend, who wrote – apparently without a trace of irony – “Vengance is mine, I will repay, sayeth the Lord”; latest erosions of civil liberties and intrusion of the state; and many other riveting subjects. However, I have to be up in four and a half hours, so I’ll leave these exciting topics to another time.

Also I suspect I may get some comment on this post for a change, but bear with me. I will endeavour to reply to anything asap, but I’ll be away from decent interweb connection for probably a month.

*Yeh, thank you, whoever you are.